Fancy Text Generators

Introduction to Fancy Text Generators

The fancy Text generator  is an online tool where people usually appear to transform their text into all new fonts and variations and the conversion of text doesn’t require any complications.

Fancy text generator is a copy & past font generator and creator which create social media fonts for the usage of posts and memes. You can convert your text into all sorts of half-hearted font styles such as Vaporwave Text, Tiny Text, Glitch Text, Zalgo Text, Satanic Text and many more. If that’s what your requirement is, then Fancy text is the place where your dream comes true. 

So, you must have generated your normal text into fancy text and must have must have used them somewhere in the comment section and facebook posts but perhaps you must be wondering about “How is it even possible to permute the fonts and variation of your text?” or “What sort of logics are they using behind the bars?” to swap the normal text with a text of you wish.

The answer is a BIG NO if you’re assuming that we are doing some kind of hack or taking shortcuts from other websites. The Fancy Text website is designed and programmed (Coded) in such a way that it transforms your text firstly into fancy symbols which are already installed at the backend of the website through plug-in and then it shows you the result.

Didn’t understand what we explained above? Let us make you understand in a more obvious and sound way. The explanation of fancy text starts with the standard website of generating fonts Unicode; an online industry which tends to create thousands of fonts, variations and emoticons with a generated code for instance (&#128515). And all the characters and generated fonts that you see aren’t hacked but specified by the Unicode standards.

What is Unicode

As we all know that computer deals with the numbers (0,1) and store letters and characters by assigning them number. Before the initial release of Unicode, there were thousands of other systems and one of them was characters encoding for assigning different characters a number. All those old-fashioned systems were unable to en-code and cover all the World’s languages which make this process slower and was giving a feel of tortoise.

But when Unicode Boom in the Global village, the process became faster and swifter than before and every person who has website related to Fancy Text Generator is willingly using Unicode standard codes. Unicode is designed and manipulated in such a way that it provide absolutely unique number to each and every character and it doesn’t matter for Unicode which platform are you using, language or application.

You can assume the prestige of Unicode from that; every modern software, website and application owner has adopted Unicode for the helping purposes for their code not only because of the uniqueness in characters coding that it provides but it also allows you transport your data from other platforms without any corruption in it.

Unicode can run on all the latest versions of coding frameworks, browsers and software but people mostly use Unicode standards for (URL’s, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, and MEAN & MERN etc). Implementing Unicode on ISO/IEC is the best way to support all your systems.

We really hope that you must have understood the concept of Unicode very well and now we will head towards our next topic without wasting any further time.

How to Use Fancy Text

To convert your normal text into fancy text is just too easy and simple. You just have to follow these simple steps in-order to get your work done.

  • Just jump into some website who provides you the facility of converting the normal text into fancy text
  • Every single fancy text website offers your Copy & Paste method where you just have to insert your text in the text box
  • After entering you text in the text box you just have to click on the convert button and you’re done

You can now copy your text and use it anywhere on social media accounts and few websites offer you the facility of directly sharing the result. You can enjoy that tool as well.

Uses of Fancy Text

Fancy text can be used for many purposes but they are some mainstream uses of Fancy text which we are going to break down in a list. Following are the uses which might help you in using Fancy text at the best of the place.

  • Fancy text allows you to have cool, funky and stylish text which can be used for Social Media websites. For instance Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter
  • After converting your normal text into Fancy text you can use the text lately for your Whatsapp, facebook and Instagram statuses
  • You can use fancy text in your SMS, Whatsapp messages, Contacts, Instagram and the list goes on
  • You can use them in conversation, MSN names, Yahoo Messenger and on different conversation forums

The use of Fancy Text isn’t limited to social media websites only, but you can use it anywhere you want because your imagination is the main thing here for creativity. But most fancy text is being used by Facebook and Whatsapp because of the most conventional social media icons.

We now must cruise towards the effects of fancy text which you can select before the conversion of your text so that you can enjoy fancy texts at your maximum.

Fancy Text Effects

Following are the fancy text effects that you may use before get into any sort of action.

  1. Strike-Through Effect: This effect is very simple. If you want to combine each and every single of your characters or words through “-“, then you can use this effect for sure.
  2. Superscript Effect: This effect broadly used by many people nowadays because superscript effect offers you special characters within your text. For instance (!@#$$%^^&&&)
  3. Outlined Effect: This effect is referred to (“double struck”) scenario and characters are ought to be hollowed out after this effect.
  4. Small caps Effect: This effect is used to convert your all capitalized text into small text.
  5. Vaporwave Effect: This effect helps you to change your text into meme fonts and Latin scripted words then Vaporwave Effect is for you.
  6. Tiny Text: This effect helps you to convert your normal text into tiny text which might be difficult to read and you can send it your friends, family and random persons to tease them.
  7. Glitch Text: If you want to convert your text into creepy images for your social media posting then this effect is for you.
  8. Mirror Text: This effect helps you to convert your text into mirror type text where your text changes its position to invert.
  9. Bubble Text: This effect helps you to make your text into bubble text effect which doubles the size of your normal text. In-short your text becomes 3D.
  10. Negative Circled Effect: Negative Circled effect helps you to cut your text circle and makes your text difficult to read. In-short this effect makes your text meaningless.

The list is endless; you can find a lot more about Fancy text effects when visiting some Fancy text websites.

Why do we use Fancy Text

So, using fancy text may have many reasons but listing the conventional ones is what we are here for. We are about to discuss the PROS and CONS of Fancy text and we’ll make this sure that it won’t be a biased one. Let’s take everything into your account with PROS first, so here we go!

PROS of Fancy Text

You can use the text on social media posts, bios, instant messages, browser tabs and anywhere you want fancy text to be.

CONS of Fancy Text

Fancy text is aesthetically unpleasing to some eyes, understandability issues, illegible with small sizes and some client restrictions.

Let’s head towards our next topic which is Typefaces and you’re going to love this section of the article because it’s quite interesting and grasp for the cravers.


In the world of fonts and variations, typeface which is known for the font family; is a set of one or more fonts that has different design features. Each typeface font has different ingredients and by ingredient here we mean the weight, style, width, composition, slant, and designer. For example

  • The term is "ITC Garamond Bold Condensed Italic"
  • The term "ITC Garamond Bold Condensed Italic" means that it contains bold, condensed-width with Italic version of ITC Garamond.

You must’ve witnessed above example relationship with typeface that you can use a lot of fonts within the same typeface.

To make you understand the concept of Typeface, we’ve to proceed towards the types of typeface so that everything gets clear to you like a clear sky. We are breaking down the list of typeface type to make it comfortable for you to read the types before the details.

  • Serif Type Styles
  • Sans Serif Type Styles
  • Decorative Styles

Serif Type Styles

We have put together a hybrid system of Serif Type Styles into 6 sections which are widely accepted as the best typeface standard nowadays.

  1. Old Style

This category includes the first Roman letters which were used between 15th and 18th century. The example of old style typeface will be shown in a visual below

  1. Transitional Serifs

These typefaces were used by the English typewriters in 18th century and transitional serifs were patterned in NEWS papers as well. The Visual will help you in understanding this typeface which is just a scroll down away from you.

  1. Neoclassical and Didone Serifs

When the initial release of Neoclassical and Didone Serifs was made, people used to call this typeface as “Classical Font” and this design was created just before the beginning of 19th century. The visual of this font is down below.

  1. Slab Serifs

Slab Serifs were created in 19th century and the popularity of this font and variation was seen to going on a peak when advertising companies started using Slab Serifs. The example is given below


  1. Clarendon Serifs

The composition of Bold Faces took Clarendon Serifs to another level because people loved this font and the initial release of this font was made in 19th century. The visual of this font is given below


 Sans Serif Type Styles

Sans Serif type styles are divided into 2 sub categories and you’re about to see some new typeface as well

Square Sans Serif

This font was released in the mid 19th century and known as the cousin of Serif Type Styles. You can imagine the Font style by the name but don’t you worry we have the visualization as well.


Geometric San Serif

This typeface is related to mathematical type fonts and people are using this font in MS-Word and other platforms for many purposes. The visuals will understand you better about Geometric San Serif

Decorative Styles

The last but not the least typeface Font which is being used now for different purposes and those purposes includes Facebook posting, Instagram stories and Whatsapp statuses. The visual of decorative styles are

That’s all from the Typeface section and we must head towards the very next topic which is “Text V” and here we go!

Text V Display

The best typeface is easy to read because people do not accept those fonts and variations which aren’t easy to understand and read as we already discussed above. Text V display is basically designed between 6 to 14 points to converse the reader into copywriting, creating of mood/feelings posts and announcement creations. But, some Text V Displays are funny and strange in Software, Applications and websites where all the typefaces are justified.

We will now talk about the design of the Text V for the different sizes, so that you can use them anywhere.

  1. Bembo Text V

So, this Bembo Text V is designed for larger text and the example of this font will make you understand the things more clearly.

  1. Matthew Carter’s Miller

Apparently Miller Text V is very affordable and application/software makers can use them for their purposes. The visual of Miller Text V is given below

That’s all from the Text V typefaces, and FAQ’s section of the article is waiting desperately for us to be discussed. So here we go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the questions which people are asking about Fancy text and we have got your back here. Let’s discuss the questions and we will be answering them.

How does it Work?

The answer to this question is simple and that is Unicode. The whole concept of fancy text works around Unicode and if you want to know what Unicode is, then you can scroll up and find the Unicode topic. We’ve discussed everything already.

Basically Unicode covers 110 thousand different characters, including words, letters, and alphabets of many languages because people are relying more on Unicode instead of other short-code standards.

Where do people use Fancy Text?

When converting your normal text into fancy text you can use the text on social media websites, statuses and in your names as well. It’s all up-to you, you can use the text anywhere because there’s no limitations of this text. And every single platform supports Unicode fonts and Variation.

Why aren’t Characters showing up after Conversion?

Sometimes you’re using the older version of your browser and operating system. For instance, your smart phone uses a lot of emoticon and different languages fonts but when you switch back to 2-3 years back phone then everything gets limited. That’s the case with why characters aren’t showing up after the conversion.

In a Nutshell

Fancy text is what people demanding when you use memes, facebook post, Whatsapp statuses and on many other platforms. We have discussed a lot about fancy text and covered each and everything related to it.

 If you’ve any question regarding Fancy text then you can ask us by typing your question in the comment section and/or by emailing us. We will try to get you as soon as possible and answer your question. Happy using Fancy text and keep your social media profiles colorful and attractive. Cheers!

that's all about fancy text generators, if you guys still have confusion you can ping us using our contact us page. Thanks!